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WELCOME to senegal!


Senegal is famous for its talented artisans who can be found in the major markets, creating and selling their wares. Each region has its own traditional crafts; and, the markets in Ziguinchor, St. Lious, Kaolack and others are full of treasures that you might not find in Dakar. Senegal also offers a colorful array of locally printed cotton fabrics.

Tourist or compatriot, come share your memories of "Teranga" with us. We're inviting you to send us pictures so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate the many faces of Sénégal. There are lots of fine, affordable hotels, clubs, restaurants and so much more throughout Sénégal just waiting to make your visit enjoyable. Come home and see!

The name 'Sénégal' is said to come from the Wolof name of the dugout canoe, as it was mispronounced by visiting Portuguese sailors in the middle of the 15th century. Sénégal is the African country closest to the US, and Gorée Island used to be the last spot of the motherland the unfortunate slaves bound to the Americas could see.



You're interested in investing or opening a business in Sénégal. You're not alone. Sénégal is a hotbed of local and international economic activity. We have an economic environment that is friendly to business growth and expansion. Come and be part of the excitement that is the ongoing growth and development of the Sénégalese economy.

Throughout time Sénégal generated some of the biggest and most exciting names in West African and African music. These include the legendary Youssou N'dour, the electrifying Baaba Maal, the sensational Viviane N'dour and the name that's taken the youth and hip-hop by storm, Awadi. Come in, explore and get to know Senegal music.

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