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WELCOME to senegal!


Senegal is famous for its talented artisans who can be found in the major markets, creating and selling their wares. Beautiful gold, silver, and bronze jewelry are exquisitely crafted. Antique beads and large amber necklaces, traditionally worn by the Fulani women, can be found in the markets and antique shops. The Blacksmiths constitute the...

Sénégal is the locus of African movie-making. With directors such as Ousmane Sembene blazing the trail, a wealth of excellent African Literature, documentaries, and movie-scripts has come to the silver screen, to the delight of movie-goers the world over. You want to know who's who and who's done what in films in Sénégal?

The elements of culture are so common among the different ethnic groups, that one can hardly distinguish them by their clothing. The basic fabric is local cotton. The printed fabric is worn usually for everyday life. Clothes in dyed or hand woven fabrics are reserved for special occasions. Dyeing is a highly valued skill passed from mother...



My childhood was organized around meals, games and small chores, usually my family's errands. Rice with fish, sorghum porridge, or grits with milk constituted most of our midday meals. For dinner, I usually had stewed meat in a sauce over sorghum couscous, or fried fish. At breakfast, I usually had herbal tea, milk, and butter on...

Many occasions are pretexts for a dance party: after a wrestling victory, after the harvest, at a baptism, etc. Dance and wrestling parties offer a magnificent opportunity for singles, lovers and friends to meet in their best presentation. Usually, every suburb, village or age group has some kind of organizing committee.

Sénégal's history and culture are mainly known through oral data transmitted by specialized families or concerned amateurs. However, some Arab travelers and writers provide some hints on this truly interesting history. Sénégal is continuously inhabited for more than 150 000 years, but it is quite impossible to track down the relationship between...